Climbing History – a Talk with Book Author Zofia Reych

About Zofias Book “Born to Climb”

Book author Zofia Reych, picture by: Andy Day / @kiellgram
Book author Zofia Reych, picture by: Andy Day / @kiellgram

Let’s make you a little bit smarter about the history of the sport you are doing! Let’s talk about climbing history, with Zofia Reych.

They have written a book about climbing history – although it’s not the typical kind of history book that you would expect.

Zofia connects for example social questions and historical facts with the climbing history and also tells their own climbing history in the book. And you will learn how the sport became what it is today.

So have fun with the talk with Zofia and if you like – read the book! It’s called “Born to Climb: From rock climbing pioneers to Olympic athletes”


Zofia Reych on Instagram

The book “Born to Climb: From rock climbing pioneers to Olympic athletes”

Zofias booklist:

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Zofias movie list:

Valley Uprising, Mortimer, P., Rosen, N., Sender Film Productions, USA, 2014

„E Pericoloso Sporgersi“, Nicod, R., France, 1985

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