IFSC Commentator Matt Groom about the Worldcup Season 2024

Matt Groom - Picture by Jan Virt
Matt Groom – Picture by Jan Virt

The new IFSC worldcup season starts on the 9th of April in China. There will also be some Pre-Worldcup events like the Studio Bloc Masters, that take place while you are listening to this new episode – on the 9th and 10th of March.

I asked IFSC commentator Matt Groom to make a pre-season talk on the podcast. We talk about what will be important in the year 2024 and how the Olympics will affect the Worldcup Season. Matt will give some insights into his work for the IFSC.

But we also look back at 2023, because as a young mother I have limited time and I could not catch up with all the IFSC streams last year. So I also asked Matt to tell me what I missed last year.

Thank you Matt for taking the time and talking to me. Looking forward to the new season!

Photo credit: Jan Virt

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