Interview with Charlie Boscoe

A talk about Charlies years with the IFSC, competition climbing and more

Charlie Boscoe – episode cover picture by: Sheila Farrell McCarron

In november 2020 Charlie Boscoe announced on his instagram account, that he will stop commentating for the IFSC. Since 2016 he had been the voice of climbing and a companion for thousands of people watching the big international climbing events.

He had been on my wishlist for podcast interview guests in 2020 and I wanted to meet him at the Bouldering Worldcup in munich. This worldcup did not take place and now Charlie quit his job at the IFSC. So what could I do? Of course, I asked Charlie to meet online and look back at his years as a commentator!

We also talked about: The European championships in moskow, competition climbing in general, about the Olympics and we get to know, what Charlie Boscoe is doing – or what he was doing – while he was not in front of the cameras, to talk to the climbing world!

Have fun with this episode! And thank you Charlie!

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