Sagi Damti – The New German Bouldering Coach (part 2)

A talk about coaching the germans, high expectations and more

Sagi Damti, Bouldering Coach of the German National Team / DAV
Sagi Damti, Bouldering Coach of the German National Team / DAV

Sagi Damti started coaching the German Bouldering Team in the beginning of 2022, as a part of the new DAV coaching team. This is Part 2 of my interview with him, where we talk about his new job at the DAV. Sagi says, how he perceived the German Climbing Team while he was still a coach in Israel, how he approaches his work with the germans, about pressure in his new job and how the work within the new DAV team is structured.

We recorded this interview 2 days before the Worldcup in Brixen and before the Worldcup in Innsbruck, where Yannick Flohe and Hannah Meul both showed a stunning finals performance. Yannick won in Brixen and Hannah made second place in Bouldering both in Brixen and Innsbruck. So we did not know this yet, while we were talking.

Thanks to Sagi Damti! Have fun with this episode!

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Sagi Damti – the new german bouldering coach

A talk about Sagis way into climbing and coaching, climbing in Israel and more

Sagi Damti at the BIN WEG BOULDERN podcast

Sagi Damti is part of the new DAV competition climbing coaching team, that was presented at the beginning of the new season 2022. Head of the team is Ingo Filzwieser and every discipline has his own coach, too. Sagi is responsible for the bouldering athletes.

In my interview with Sagi we look back at his coaching career in Israel and we talk about his new job in Germany. You will hear:

  • How he got into climbing (in a pretty unconventional way)
  • How he – a former teacher – started coaching for climbing
  • What his approach on coaching looks like
  • You will learn about the Israeli climbing scene
  • And what is was like, to build up the Israeli climbing team

This is part one of our interview, part two will follow!

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